Covid-19 Secure

Reopening Preparations & Measures June 2020

Imparando (UK) Ltd “Covid-19 Secure”Reopening Plan, June 2020

Following the COVID-19 Risk Assessment undertaken at Imparando (UK) Ltd., over the 2nd half of May 2020, the purpose of this document is to describe the full extent of the new provisions and measures implemented at the Imparando Facility, which collectively ensure that the Imparando Facility, and all of our Services, are“COVID-19 Secure”, a re-opening accreditation mandated by Government.

In order to assist businesses to re-open post-lockdown, the Government published Working Safely During COVID-19 Guidelinedocuments (, covering eight business sectors setting out what business owners need to do to ensure their businesses protect employees and customers against Covid-19. There are eight sets of guidelines in total, covering the business sectors listed below. Imparando has rigidly followed the guidance for “Offices and Contact Centres” for our Reception and Classroom Areas, and has followed the guidance as presented for “Restaurants offering takeaway and delivery” for our Lunch and Tea/Coffee Services:

Having identified the potential areas and activities of risk the measures and actions, as set out in this document, have now all been implemented, to ensure that Imparando is COVID-19 Secureas we reopen, as required by Government guidelines and legislation.

We have reviewed all of our operational procedures and processes, and further improved on the comprehensive, pre-lockdown measures we implemented in early Feb ’20.Of the new measures introduced, many go substantially beyond the stipulated Government protocols/conditions/guidelines.

The purpose of this “Reopening” document is to describe all of the measures now in place at Imparando, post-lockdown, which will remain in effect for the foreseeable future, while remaining subject to adjustment, as necessary, to stay abreast of all Government recommendations and guidelines at all times.